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Who are we?


Playtopia is run by Elite Fit, a fitness and wellness company. Here at PLAYtopia, we put strong emphasis on community, harmony and unison. We believe that in order to build the foundation for a prosperous community in the future, these qualities are instilled into our children in their early childhood.

Children are able to engage and interact with the world around them at a very young age through the simple childhood act of playing. Thus, we have built a utopia that allows children a safe haven to not only play, but learn how to navigate through the world with their peers by their side with their

help of the wide range of programs and activities we have planned

for the upcoming months!

Our Mission

To provide children of all abilities with a fun and motivating environment

to play, regulate and grow together.

Our Vision

Cultivate a culture of respect and inclusivity in the community through the universal language of childhood - play.


The programs we have developed are designed to serve the mind, body and spirit. The ultimate goal of our programs is to connect children with the world around them, and to facilitate in the fostering of bonds to help close the generational gap between children and adults. With specialized programs & activities to encourage development and boost confidence, families can provide their children sensory and motor skill experiences rooted in fun, surrounded by peers. At PLAYtopia we are committed to build a better adult for the future by inspiring the children of today.

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Our programs & activities




Children will learn how to garden which will give them a sense of social responsibility and appreciation for the world they live in.


Silver Spoon Mentoring


Children and the elderly will come together to exchange knowledge and ideas with one another.



An activity to challenge the young on a variety of obstacles in a controlled environment.




Self Defence, Kids Yoga AND SO MUCH MORE....!

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